Filming & Editing Experience Post

April 25, 2010

Well, it was more time consuming than I expected, but an overall good experience. I wanted to do something different, so I ended up taking 300+pictures for a stop motion introduction to my video. It was really fun to put together until my computer got mad at me and deleted the file. That was iMovie 09’s fault, essentially. There is a new feature where there’s no “Save” or “Save As” option because it supposedly saves itself. FALSE. After a day’s work putting together the stop motion part of the video… it was all gone after trying to transfer it to a quicker computer with a thumb drive. So, now, I tried uploading the FINALLLLY finished product onto YouTube via iMovie because that is the one option… it says it may take several minutes or a couple hours. I’m going to puke from all this stress.

Overall, I’m happy with the result & learned a lot while doing it. Mostly, to embrace iMovie 08 and forget about the high-tech stuff.


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