Online Journalists as Distributors

March 18, 2010

“In the old days, most journalists thought it was their job to write a story, and it was someone else’s job to distribute it, market it and find an audience for it,” –Alan Murray, executive editor, online for the Wall Street Journal.

This quote from the “The Distribution Revolution” by Bret Schulte sums up the new role of journalists who will brainstorm stories, interview sources, document scenes, make multimedia, and distribute their work. I feel journalists are somewhat becoming their own agents. You could have written an awesome feature or created an innovative piece of multimedia, but it doesn’t matter if no one see it. With the worldwide Web as extensive and full of information as it is now, people do not need to look far for relative information. Distribution of an article matters now when numerous companies are trying to spread the same piece of news to the world audience.

Companies and spreaders of the news are using Web sites like Digg to make videos, pictures and stories exponentially more popular than they would be just linked to on their homepage.

What other Web sites are distributors people are using?
1. Twitter
2. Reddit
3. Propeller
4. Newsvine

I guess it’s exciting for new journalists if they are interested in the PR aspect of making sure their story is being seen. I believe because the spread of news is currently community driven. I believe this will only make journalists produce their best, otherwise their stories will not be read or spread. This is why stories are starting to become more personal and exciting–driven by the author’s voice.

The Distribution Revolution [American Journalism Review]


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