The biggest, brightest and kindest soul you’ll ever meet: Sweet eMOEtion

February 20, 2010

I never know what to do when something bad happens in life. Last night, while we [roomies & friends] were huddled around in the dark watching The Proposal, many Spectrum alumni found out that our dear friend Aaron Moe had passed away. All of our hearts are breaking because he had a great [and very positive] effect on all of us. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body and ALWAYS made sure to make you feel special in his presence. His magnitude of kindness is something so rare. He will be sorely missed; no one will ever be able to light up a room as he could. He was a big guy with an even bigger heart.

He was one that understood the important things in life–and never failed to share his insight. He was always positive… even when staff writers didn’t turn stories in on production days and he had to do the bulk of writing. Moe was a passionate writer, and an even more passionate person. Conversations with him in the Sports Desk corner will be missed. He would always come visit us at the News Desk when other editors and I would be busily editing–not paying attention to anything else around us. He would pull up one of the big pink signature chairs of the office and make us pause, and ask how our days were going. I will always miss these moments, where we recounted the good things that were happening in our lives. His primary goal was to always get a smile out of everyone he spoke to: success. He loved his family and life.

He also loved journalism and always worked to be better at it every day. He wanted to perfect AP Style and try out feature writing his last semester at The Spectrum, before moving to Florida to attend University of South Florida. He wanted to be a famous journalist one day. It was SO INSPIRING to see someone from our hometown paper go on to grad school to pursue his dream.

During his last semester at UB, Moe, John Ranic and I had written communication class together and sat through hours and hours of lectures, and more hours trying to figure out online quizzes. Moe always turned out on top with the best grades–because of his passion and drive, of course. I will never forget the times we all sat and stared at our Spectrum computers together and yelled [possible] answers at each other. We formed a little communication-class cliche that year, I feel anyway, as we would leave Spectrum 5 minutes later than we should have each day… running down the halls of CFA to get to the basement of Alumni. These are the moments I don’t want to forget. When we would run down the hall to get bottles whatever, already late for class. Those hurried conversations/moments were the best. You had such an awesome sense of humor. I will also never forget how you would purposely not sit in the front row with me and John because you didn’t want to be in anyone’s way of the board. You were always kind enough to think of others before yourself.

You asked so many questions.. all the time. You would have made a great journalist, Moe, because of your earnest, honesty and gracious soul.

I love you, Moe. I already miss your smile.

RIP Aaron Moe. Biggest heart ever.


2 Responses to “The biggest, brightest and kindest soul you’ll ever meet: Sweet eMOEtion”

  1. Bynie said


    I am glad you got your feelings out and expressed. The few times I had the privilege of being in Moe’s presence definitely showed exactly what you had just discussed. He was a very nice and kind person, and definitely did have a huge heart! I could tell from just those few times!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories Jo.

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