Twitter Tips from radioheads

February 19, 2010

NPR SOAP box Weekend Edition’s Top Ten Twitter Tips.

1. Two-Way Relationship– tweet back, follow back [?]. If I don’t know the person, I usually don’t follow them. Are you supposed to? I follow enough news/fashion people who tweet 60 times daily to be entertained/in-the-know for days
2. Objectiveness [for journalists] is still important
3. Double-check breaking news
4. Cool to tweet when you need sources
5. Behind the Scenes tweets are cool–but keep it professional and discreet
6. Microblogging
7. Ask Tweeters to contribute story ideas and insight
8. Limit self-promotion
9. Search Twitter for news
10. Have fun with Twitter– HAPPY FRIDAY, YALL.

Weekend Edition’s Top 10 Twitter Tips [NPR]


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