Ready, and Roll: New backpack journalist

February 16, 2010

“It’s true that there are still journalists working today who are specialists,
and it is likely that opportunities will remain for a limited number of such ‘one
trick’ journalists in the future.” — James Foust

In Foust’s chapter called “Gathering and Editing Images, Audio, and Video,” the author discusses how all journalists are expected to be backpack journalists who are equipped to capture a story at all times. These days, with new technology trumping old technology there is an overlap with what equipment can do. Almost anything handheld can take a photo, record audio, or shoot video as second, third, fourth or even fifth functions.

He introduced single-lens reflex cameras. SLR cameras are very bulky to carry around on a daily basis, but the quality of the photos are dramatically different from that of a regular point-and-shoot camera. There are more options for control on your part with the manual capability on an SLR. You can change the f-stop along with the shutter speed to control the amount of blur in your picture, change the camera lens to get close-ups or wide shots, or change basic camera settings to change the mood or color of your picture.

Vacation pics to prove how awesome an SLR is:

I greatly recommend the Nikon D-90 that takes high-quality pictures AND takes high-definition video. BUY HERE!


One Response to “Ready, and Roll: New backpack journalist”

  1. Karen Cho said

    Wow that camera is great!
    i really wanted an SLR lens

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