News goes great with a cup o’ joe any time of day

February 16, 2010

And that is what differentiates online journalism from the print product.

In the chapter called “Online Writing Styles,” Richard Craig mentioned the following as examples of the online news phenomenon: Slate Magazine, which was established in 1996 by The Washington Post Company as a daily magazine served fresh on the Web; Salon, launched in 1995 by David Talbot, has become a one-stop shop for news, provocative essays and criticism; and the nonexistent Feed zine, which ceased its publication of bimonthly Web issues in 2001.

What makes these publications different from newspapers and magazines delivered to your door, according to Richard Craig?
1. sheer size… “computer screen is limited in size”

I think this is false simply because of the magnitude of what is available online. Working at a newspaper, I know whenever there was no run to run a story, the publication runs it online, which is a perfectly acceptable. Online there is no limit to space. There is only a plethora of background information available and other sources to get additional information.

2. “limited video of much lesser quality”

FALSE–I think this article is a bit antiquated, proving the importance and immediacy of online news.

3. People likely to give up on articles and Web sites after getting “lost”

Personally, I could spend hours upon hours on a well-designed, easy-to-navigate online news source such as The Daily Beast or

4. More eye strain

I think it strains my eyes equally staring at newspaper for a while and staring at the screen. Nowadays, we can’t get away from staring at screens… might as well get used to it, right? During the Apple iPad conference where they announced the new product, they actually stated something about making the screen easier to read… decreasing the so-called eye strain. But this argument is solely subjective.

Craig made a very lame attempt to separate print from Web news. Or this article is just very old and now, irrelevant.

I personally believe online journalism is the way to go.
1. So much more multimedia to look at with one story — video, audio, pictures, links
2. Fancy design makes it easier to read, in my opinion
3. Publication takes one click of a button so the news is ready to go asap
4. Environmental reasons… imagine how many trees we would be saving if we just read all our news online
5. Free for now! Feel free to go here to take advantage:


One Response to “News goes great with a cup o’ joe any time of day”

  1. Nancy Lam said

    werd to #1, command+T all the way baby.
    o and #3 thumbs up for nytimes “times topics” section

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