Seeking jobs, stumbling on old magazine covers

February 11, 2010

The American Society of Magazine Editors, est. 1963, does this annual thing where they choose the best magazine covers according to different categories. Due to my everlasting love for magazines, this is an awesome find. They also offer cool internships for college juniors, more information here.

Their TOP 40 Magazine Covers picks include:

Topping the list [no surprise] is The Rolling Stones cover featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Such a recognizable cover. I took a introductory photography class last semester and had to do a project on a famous photographer. I choose to do mine on Annie Leibovitz, the uber-successful women behind current Vanity Fair covers. I read that this cover was taken the day that Lennon was assassinated in 1980. Other than that odd coincidence, there is so much feeling in this picture. His nakedness makes him raw and more human. His love for Ono is very evident.

Image Credit: Rolling Stone

Number 2 is another nude portrait taken by Leibovitz; this time of very pregnant Demi Moore in 1991. “More Demi Moore” is the title that appears next to her naked belly. Earlier that year, the A-list actress appeared in the movie Ghost.

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

Muhammad Ali appears on the Esquire cover that landed the number 3 spot. He is photographed cuffed and speared by 6 arrows. The controversial cover paid tribute to his unsuccessful acceptance into the U.S. Army because of his own religious views.
“The cover, the second of three Esquire covers defending Ali, shows the boxer martyred as St. Sebastian, a patron saint of athletes and one who was shot with arrows for his steadfast religious beliefs.” -ASME

Image Credit: Esquire

very cool. inspirational.
Also on the list, The National Geographic cover of Steve McCurry’s mesmerizing photo that immortalized longtime nameless 12-year-old refugee on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border [at #10], back-and-front Interview cover of Andy Warhol taking a photo of beauty and model Grace Jones back in 1972 [at #24], and the 2001 TIME cover of the Twin Towers post-attack, but still standing [at #25].

ASME’s Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Last 40 Years [ASME]


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