February 9, 2010

Photos are what makes stories. The photo that goes along with breaking news and an in-depth feature is as important nowadays because it is what draws people in. When laying out the paper either online or in print, the centerpiece needs to always have a good picture.

What I got out of the reading of Chapter 1 “Photojournalism,” by Kenneth Kobre:
1. candid shots make the most interesting shots
I like these portraits from

2. the choice of overall, medium and close-up shots matters

3. maintaining contacts in order to get tips regarding happenstances and breaking news

I feel the availability of good photos is important. What sets some photos apart from others is a different perspective that people usually don’t see, an element of surprise, and quality.

These pictures from The Big Picture show the power of intertwining of quality and beauty in photojournalism.


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