Ten things every journalist should know (via journalism.co.uk)

January 26, 2010

How to…

1. Twitter

2. Follow and Filter

3. Archive stuff using platforms such as delicious and stumbleupon

4. Create a community

5. Utilize core journalism skills

6. Understand the field as a business

7. Brand yourself

8. Collaborate with other journalists/organizations

9. Revise Revise Revise. Acknowledge mistakes online

10. Know the available technology

When it comes down to it, every journalist should know what channels are out there to spread the news. There are journalists and students who continue to disregard Twitter and Blogs as legitimate outlet for reports. I feel that this only limits the number of stories you are allowing yourself to see. These social mediums allow for quick dissemination of word immediately after events occur. I agree with journalism.co.uk, writers and news correspondents should utilize Twitter, Facebook and blogs to the fullest, whether it be for practice or to just get your name out there.

But, a list like this is bound to change as we are on the cusp of a media revolution. Print media as we know it is changing despite what naysayers of this information metamorphosis have to say. In the future, newspaper sales will probably decline as it presently has.

As quickly as news anchors, stations, celebrities and everyday folk have taken up microblogging, other innovations will be on the rise that will change the face of journalism as we know it. As a student journalist, it is exciting as well as nerve-racking. Currently, we are waiting for Wednesday, January 27’s Apple announcement regarding the elusive Tablet, which could bring a whole new wave to news and publishing.

Apple’s rumored tablet may write next chapter in publishing [LA Times]
Ten things every journalist should know in 2010 [journalism.co.uk]


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