Meet the (Online) Press…Responding to Richard Craig’s Online Journalism

January 18, 2010

“The multimedia environment of today has so many capabili­ties and is being utilized in so many innovative ways that traditional reporting is changing dramatically. Audiences simply demand more.”
– Richard Craig

I definitely agree with Richard Craig as he categorizes online readers of news. The people who are avidly digesting blogs and online news content are typically young, educated, affluent and smart.

I agree. Most of the people I know who like blogs, as opposed to those who want to remain ignorant about the online realm of information, are exactly that: young, excited about one subject [fashion, politics, interior design, art, etc], interested enough to know what is out there, and educated enough to know what sources are out there.

I like fashion. So, I’ll seemingly find blogs like Who What Wear worth reading.

Foodies and restaurateurs would probably enjoy blogs like Blondie and Brownie a food blog based in NYC or the national Eater network.

I have loads of friends who love sports and follow these sites: ESPN’s College Football Blog and NY Times The Quad blog.

There are even blogs for grammar lovers, pet owners, and coffee connoisseurs.

See. Lots of niches for different kinds of people and interests.

However, being an indulger of online media, I know firsthand that you don’t belong to only one niche. I particularly like sites regarding fashion, design, books, and food. Online journalism is exciting in that way—there is no much to explore—there is constantly new content to look at. It is relatively easy to get visitors to your website. The trick is keeping them coming. “Shoveling” text from a newspaper or magazine will definitely not cut it. People jump quickly from one site to another looking for easier, neater, better ways to getting their desired news.

“They [the online audience] tend to insist not only on high-quality re­porting but also on a well-designed Web site with features that go far beyond the simple text of news stories.”

Besides content, Craig also brings up the extras on many news sites, such as polls, interactive content, videos, audio files, etc… features that will only make online media more exciting than content presented in print. I feel this will appeal to people. I personally like slide shows, videos, and a comments section on the news sites that I read regularly. Craig states that these features make the online news content more complete—you don’t have to worry about jump space or space for extra photos.

Concluding that… Reporters should embrace online journalism, be passionate about what they are writing about, in order to appeal to those looking for online niches for what they are interested in. They will have to know which avenues of information would be best for a particular audience, in terms of audio, video, polls, photos, etc.


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